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 This channel is dedicated to bringing Maths to Mzansi kids.  We are passionate about Maths, and helping you pass this subject at school.  Our teachers have more than 20 years experience in teaching Maths and want to share the skills and knowledge of Maths.


We cover Maths topics from Grade 8 to 12 with more than 30 videos on our channel.

Some of topics covered are:

  • Grade 10  - Rhombus
  • Grade 11  - Reduction Formula
  • Grade 12  - Equiangular Triange
  • The effect of q - Trigonometry Functions
  • The effect of k - Trigonometry Functions
  • Midpoint Theorem
  • Cos Function 
  • Tan Chord Theorem


And lots more...


Click on the link below and learn with us.


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