No sales. What now? 

Updated: Jun 27

You created your product, the excitement is high. You open your shop, online or physical. No sales. Sounds familiar? This usually happens when you didn't follow through on your one-page hustlers/business plan. (Downloadable from Hustlers Plan blog).

You skipped a step, let's go back.

Step 5 & 6 of your Hustler's Plan solves the issue of 'no sales'. Check if you know who your target audience is and if you told them about your product/service.

How do you tell them that you have a solution to their problem? Have a marketing plan which is executable.

The rule with any relationship is, you have to get to know a person first, appreciate and have their best interest at heart before your own. Usually, selfless relationships succeed. It's the same in business/customer relationships. Have their interest at heart first, sales will follow.

So before you bombard your target audience with your product, see how can you help serve them unselfishly to build trust. Check what your target audience likes or enjoys. It could be soccer, comedy, memes, soapies, people who blew their money, etc. Share that information at a scale with them and start building a relationship. This will help you when you start advertising to them as they already engage with you and trust what you have to say.

When you start advertising the strategy should be, share info on your post one, share on post two, share for the third time and then on your fourth post you would say, by the way, this is my product that could help with that issue that you have.

The above references a book by Gary Vaynerchuk - Jab, jab, jab, and right hook. Get a copy and add it to your collection.

This, however, does not mean that you cannot have paid advertising. Depending on which platform you are using; paid ads should be part of your strategy.

Your Marketing Strategy should be easy and could look like this:

1. Engagement

Engage with your target audience on all social media platforms. Master one, but have a presence in all. Attention is your commodity and right now customers' attention is on their phones. If you are not on their 'hands' they cannot 'stumble upon your brand' intentionally or otherwise, you won't make sales.

2. Paid Ads

Pay for their attention, use paid ads to advertise. This includes influencer campaigns, these could be very affordable for your hustle.

3. Business Directory listings

List your business on a business directory, my least favorite because most people don't go looking for businesses anymore when information is thrown at them on a daily basis at scale. They will not go looking to support you unless it's your mom. Passive advertising.

4. Word of mouth - aka referrals. The best way of advertising if your product and experience clients get from you is amazing.

To summarize, your plan should look like this:

1. Engagement on all platforms at scale on a daily basis. Share posts up to 5 to 10 per day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. If you can, incorporate YouTube in your offering.

2. Paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter using influencers.

3. Follow and use hashtags like #DJSBU, #SayEntrepreneur or #HustlerspoolSA on Twitter to support your cause (to name a few). Influencers also from time to time use their accounts to support SME's. They would post a Tweet and invite you to share your business on that post, most of the time they retweet to their followers, that could give your free advertising if you are spending time on the platform, Examples are, Mihlali Ndamase, Kween and @sindivanzyl to name a few.

4. Be part of groups on Facebook to advertise and to support others. For example, BrownSense group on Facebook is very successful join the group.

5. List your business on Directories:





- Telkom's Yep!

6. Referrals are a great way of advertising but you have no control over them unless you have an amazing Client Experience plan. We will be covering that on our next blog.

"Don't be upset with the results you didn't get from the work you didn't do".

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