How to write a one page Hustlers/Business Plan!

Updated: Feb 19

If you wanted them to climb a mountain, would you do it without a plan? I'm absolutely sure most of us would have answered 'NO'. That is exactly what starting or running a business/hustle is a mountain. You need to have a plan in place for your hustle/journey to the top of the mountain to track and see if you are achieving what you have set out to achieve with your vision. So you shouldn't be scared of the term 'Business Plan' it's all about you planning your journey for your Hustle. That's why at HustlersPoolSA we call it the Hustlers Plan.

One page Hustlers Plan

Your plan should include the following six tools to guide you:

1. Why do you want to start or continue with your hustle and how will you measure


2. What resources do you currently have to start your business?

3. What resources do you still need to start the minimum viable version of your


4. What is your product or service and how is it valuable to your customers?

5. Who are your target customers and how do you know?

6. How will you reach them?

Daily tasks

A plan means nothing if it's not executed. That is why for young hustlers, it's important to have a structure of what you need to do on a daily basis, that you don't default from in order for you to reach the top of the mountain.

Watch the full video on our YouTube channel to help guide you. Below you can download the example as well as the template you could use to start your plan.

Hustlers Plan Template Hustlers Plan

Example Template

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